Love is a switching speech sign by Jacques Lacan

03/07/2018 / 0 comments

[…] there is the emergence of analytical speech at each crossing of a speech to another. I do not say anything else by saying that love is the sign that we’re switching of speech […] il y a de l’émergence du discours analytique à chaque franchissement d’un discours à un autre. Je ne dis pas…

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Phallus signifier marks the Other by Jacques Lacan

16/06/2016 / 0 comments

The main of what I’ve brought you by describing the phallus’s function, is that it is this signifier that marks what the Other desires as himself is, as real Other, as human Other, is marked in his economy by the signifier. L’essentiel de ce que je vous ai apporté en vous décrivant la fonction du…

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The phallus marks the Other by Jacques Lacan

17/02/2016 / 0 comments

Most of what I’ve brought you by describing the function of the phallus, is that the phallus is this signifer which marks what the Other desires, as himself, as a real Other, a human Other, he is, in his self-being economy, marked by the signifier. […] Precisely; this is to the extent that the Other…

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The Equivocal of Solution in Freud’s Dream by Jacques Lacan

31/08/2015 / 0 comments

Freud is actually convinced to have proposed the right solution to Irma – Lösung. This word has the same ambiguity in German and French – and means a solution which is injected as well as a problem’s solution. Freud a, en effet, le sentiment d’avoir bien proposé à Irma la bonne solution – Lösung. Ce…

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Spoken word [parole] is produced at the Other’s Locus by Jacques Lacan

28/08/2015 / 0 comments

Let us start once again from the point where the subject’s own spoken word [parole] is a message firstly to him, because it [parole] is produced at the Other’s locus. Repartons une fois de plus de ceci que c’est d’abord pour le sujet que sa parole est un message, parce qu’elle se produit au lieu…

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The dream is a discourse by Jacques Lacan

27/08/2015 / 0 comments

The dream’s desire is not assumed by the subject who says : “I” in his own spoken words [parole]. However articulated to the Other’s locus, dream is discourse, discourse whose Freud began to enunciate the grammar. Le désir du rêve n’est pas assumé par le sujet qui dit : « Je » dans sa parole….

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Freud’s dream is addressed to us by Jacques Lacan

26/08/2015 / 0 comments

Freud, when he teaches us the secret of this Luciferian mystery, is not alone facing this dream. As the dream is addressed to psychoanalyst during a psychoanalysis, Freud’s dream is already addressed to us. Freud, lorsqu’il nous communique le secret de ce mystère luciférien, n’est pas seul confronté à ce rêve. De même que dans…

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Dream may abolish the tragic relationship to the world by Jacques Lacan

19/08/2015 / 0 comments

Indeed, this is the end that the dream reaches : the symbolic-system’s starting in its most radical use, absolute, goes to so completely abolish the action of each individual, that it eliminates on the same trick his world’s tragic relationship. C’est en effet à cela qu’aboutit le rêve. L’entrée en fonction du système symbolique dans…

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Dream teaches where is the unconscious by Jacques Lacan

17/08/2015 / 0 comments

So, [the] dream teaches us that – what is at stake in the dream’s function is beyond the ego, what in the subject is from the subject and is not subject’s, this is the unconscious . [Le] rêve nous enseigne donc ceci – ce qui est en jeu dans la fonction du rêve est au-delà…

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Psychoanalysis, poetry, it acts something by Jacques Lacan

14/05/2014 / 0 comments

Psychoanalysis, at least in principle, as it is clear here, as your presence to hear me is a witness of this, psychoanalysis, it acts something. It acts, it’s not enough, it’s essential, it is in its heart, a properly named poetic view : the poetry too acts something. La psychanalyse, il est entendu, au moins…

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Facts and reality by Jacques Lacan

12/05/2014 / 0 comments

The facts don’t contain in themselves the value these clever people gave them. The evidence is that these so-called “facts” are available to men’s observation from Adam’s times, but appeared to them as such “facts”, with many different aspects from those early days: even today, the wild Melanesian man claims too, be sure of that,…

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The insane takes things serioulsy by Jacques Lacan

09/05/2014 / 0 comments

Observe normal subjects, and therefore yourself, the number of things which really are  your basic occupation to don’t considere them seriously. It may be nothing more than the first difference between you and the insane. That’s why the insane embodies for many, and even without they did confess, where it would lead us if we…

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Mid-say woman and truth by Jacques Lacan

06/05/2014 / 0 comments

The woman, it’s the truth. One can only mid-say it.   La femme, c’est la vérité. On ne peut qu’en mi-dire.   LACAN J., Séminaire Livre XX – Encore, Paris, Seuil, 1975, p.94

Symptom and borromean knot by Jacques Lacan

01/05/2014 / 0 comments

Pose the enigmatic link between the imaginary, the symbolic and the real implies or assumes the ex-sistence of symptom.   Poser le lien énigmatique de l’imaginaire, du symbolique et du réel implique ou suppose l’ex-sistence du symptôme. LACAN J., “L’esprit des nœuds” (1975) in Séminaire livre XXIII –  Le sinthome, Paris, Seuil, 2005, p. 19

Mirror stage by Jacques Lacan

27/04/2014 / 0 comments

The little man at an age when he is for a short time, but still for a time, exceeded in instrumental intelligence by the chimpanzee, yet already recognizes his image in the mirror as such. Le petit d’homme à un âge où il est pour un temps court, mais encore pour un temps, dépassé en…

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Eye, ocellus, and stain by Jacques Lacan

25/04/2014 / 0 comments

As Caillois reminds us a lot of relevance, in terms of such mimetic events, and especially that which we can discuss the function of the eyes, namely the ocelli, it is to understand if they impress – this is a fact they have this effect on the predator or the alleged victim who comes to…

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Fiction and Fixion by Jacques Lacan

21/04/2014 / 0 comments

Use the “pastout” (notall), the “hommoinzun” (oneatleast) or the impasses of logic, is, to show the aim out of the fictions of Worldliness, do fixion from real: from the impossible that fix it from structure to language.   Recourir au pastout, à l’hommoinzun, soit aux impasses de la logique, c’est, à montrer l’issue hors des…

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The Look is an objet a by Jacques Lacan

14/04/2014 / 0 comments

The look can contain in itself the objet a of Lacanian algebra when the subject comes to fall, and which specifies the scopic field, and generates its own satisfaction, it is there, for structure reasons, the fall of the subject remains unnoticed because it is reduced to zero.   Le regard peut contenir en lui-même…

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What is said and what is heard by Jacques Lacan

12/04/2014 / 0 comments

The fact that one says remains forgotten behind what is said in what is heard   Qu’on dise reste oublié derrière ce qui se dit dans ce qui s’entend   LACAN J., L’étourdit in Autres écrits, Seuil, Paris, 2001, p.449

Look pre-existence and eye by Jacques Lacan

10/04/2014 / 0 comments

Maurice Merleau-Ponty makes now the next step by forcing the boundaries of this same phenomenology. You will see that the ways in which it will lead are not only about the phenomenology of visual, but they will also find – this is the essential point – the dependence of the visible towards what puts us…

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The look and eyes by Jacques Lacan

02/04/2014 / 0 comments

I can feel myself looked by someone I do not even see his eyes, and even appearance. Just something to me means that others may be there. This window, if it is a bit obscure, and if I have reason to believe that there is someone behind is already one looking. From the moment that…

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