The phallus marks the Other by Jacques Lacan

17/02/2016 / 0 comments

Most of what I’ve brought you by describing the function of the phallus, is that the phallus is this signifer which marks what the Other desires, as himself, as a real Other, a human Other, he is, in his self-being economy, marked by the signifier. […] Precisely; this is to the extent that the Other…

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The dream is a discourse by Jacques Lacan

27/08/2015 / 0 comments

The dream’s desire is not assumed by the subject who says : “I” in his own spoken words [parole]. However articulated to the Other’s locus, dream is discourse, discourse whose Freud began to enunciate the grammar. Le désir du rêve n’est pas assumé par le sujet qui dit : « Je » dans sa parole….

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Metonymy from voice to whole by Paul-Laurent Assoun

25/04/2014 / 0 comments

There has to think a metonymic effect that goes from the “part” to the whole and it is then what is indicated by the voice product capture: be “loved” that one is meant by that voice “who owns that voice? “. Il y a à penser un effet métonymique qui va de la « partie…

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What does the woman want ? by Sigmund Freud

03/04/2014 / 0 comments

The big question remained unanswered and which myself have never been able to answer despite my thirty years of study of the feminine soul is: “What does the woman want? ” La grande question restée sans réponse et à laquelle moi-même n’ai jamais pu répondre malgré mes trente années d’étude de l’âme féminine est la…

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