Sight of Medusas and erection by Sigmund Freud

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The sight of Medusa’s head makes rigid with fright, change the viewer to stone. Same origin derived from the castration complex and even change affect. Cause become rigid means erection, therefore, in the original situation, consolation brougth to the viewer. He still has a penis, he assures of it by becoming himself rigid. La vue…

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Primitive symbol shaping process by Sandor Ferenczi

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The symbolism of the teeth and the eyes would illustrate the fact that the body’s organs (especially genital parties) can be depicted not only by the outside world objects, but also by other organs of the body itself. It is probably even the most primitive shaping symbol mode.   Le symbolisme des dents et celui…

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Symbolic and psychic functioning by Sandor Ferenczi

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Silberer name “functional symbolic phenomena” images arising in dreams, fantasies, myths, etc.. which, instead of illustrating the content of the thought or fantasy, represent, indirectly, the psychic functioning mode (easy or difficult, disabled, etc..)   Silberer appelle « phénomènes symboliques fonctionnels » les images surgissant dans les rêves, fantasmes, mythes, etc. qui, au lieu d’illustrer…

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Analysis as a weapon to decide by Sigmund Freud

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Using the analysis as a weapon of controversy can not clearly lead to a decision. L’utilisation de l’analyse comme arme de controverse ne peut mener clairement à une décision. FREUD S., Sur la sexualité féminine (1931) in La vie sexuelle, Paris, PUF,1969, p.143

Mirror stage by Jacques Lacan

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The little man at an age when he is for a short time, but still for a time, exceeded in instrumental intelligence by the chimpanzee, yet already recognizes his image in the mirror as such. Le petit d’homme à un âge où il est pour un temps court, mais encore pour un temps, dépassé en…

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Anatomy animal witness by Paul-Laurent Assoun

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Anatomy (Körperbau) So here comes as irrefutable witness to the insertion of the human in the animal series – as well as the “psychic dispositions.”   L’anatomie (Körperbau) vient donc ici comme témoin irrécusable de l’insertion de l’humain dans la série animale – au même titre que les « dispositions psychiques »   ASSOUN P.-L.,…

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Metonymy from voice to whole by Paul-Laurent Assoun

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There has to think a metonymic effect that goes from the “part” to the whole and it is then what is indicated by the voice product capture: be “loved” that one is meant by that voice “who owns that voice? “. Il y a à penser un effet métonymique qui va de la « partie…

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Look and voice by Paul-Laurent Assoun

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Where the look is involved, the voice is never far away. Là où le regard est impliqué, la voix n’est jamais loin. ASSOUN P.-L., Le Regard et la Voix – Leçon de psychanalyse (3ème ed.), Paris, Economica, 2014, p.7

Eye, ocellus, and stain by Jacques Lacan

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As Caillois reminds us a lot of relevance, in terms of such mimetic events, and especially that which we can discuss the function of the eyes, namely the ocelli, it is to understand if they impress – this is a fact they have this effect on the predator or the alleged victim who comes to…

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One organ for two drives by Sigmund Freud

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Sexual pleasure is not just attached to the function of the genitals; the mouth is the kiss as well as food and communicate through word, eyes not only see the outside world changes important for the preservation of life, but also the properties of objects in which they are raised rank as objects of choice…

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Fiction and Fixion by Jacques Lacan

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Use the “pastout” (notall), the “hommoinzun” (oneatleast) or the impasses of logic, is, to show the aim out of the fictions of Worldliness, do fixion from real: from the impossible that fix it from structure to language.   Recourir au pastout, à l’hommoinzun, soit aux impasses de la logique, c’est, à montrer l’issue hors des…

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Gender and Linguistic Trouble by Judith Butler

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 The linguistic conventions that produce intelligible gendered selves find their limit in Herculine precisely because she/he occasions a convergence and disorganization of the rules that govern sex/gender/desire. Les conventions linguistiques qui rendent intelligibles des soi qui ont un genre trouvent leurs limites en Herculine précisément  parce qu’elle/il fait converger et bouleverse les règles qui commandent…

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The Look is an objet a by Jacques Lacan

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The look can contain in itself the objet a of Lacanian algebra when the subject comes to fall, and which specifies the scopic field, and generates its own satisfaction, it is there, for structure reasons, the fall of the subject remains unnoticed because it is reduced to zero.   Le regard peut contenir en lui-même…

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What is said and what is heard by Jacques Lacan

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The fact that one says remains forgotten behind what is said in what is heard   Qu’on dise reste oublié derrière ce qui se dit dans ce qui s’entend   LACAN J., L’étourdit in Autres écrits, Seuil, Paris, 2001, p.449

Look pre-existence and eye by Jacques Lacan

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Maurice Merleau-Ponty makes now the next step by forcing the boundaries of this same phenomenology. You will see that the ways in which it will lead are not only about the phenomenology of visual, but they will also find – this is the essential point – the dependence of the visible towards what puts us…

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Write the clinic by Sigmund Freud

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I consider abuse distort the features of a patient’s history, when communicating, for any reason whatsoever, be it the best, because it is impossible to know what aspect of the case will retain a reader, who’s judging by itself, and which thus runs him the risk of causing error. Je considère comme un abus de…

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Borderline diagnosis by Jean-Jacques Rassial

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The borderline diagnosis appears at the illegitimate meeting point of two clinics: the psychiatric clinic and the psychoanalytic clinic. Le diagnostic d’état limite apparaît à la rencontre illégitime de deux cliniques : la clinique psychiatrique et la clinique psychanalytique. Rassial J-J, Le Sujet en état limite, Denoël, Paris, 1999, p.14

Melancholy and Truth for Freud by Laurie Laufer

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For Freud, melancholy is an access path to the truth. Pour Freud, la mélancolie est une voie d’accès à la vérité. Laufer L., préface in Freud S., Deuil et mélancolie,  PBP, Paris, 2011, p.39

Look as an erotic activity by Sigmund Freud

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Before the child fell under the domination of the castration complex, the time when the woman had to have its full value, began to manifest in him an intense pleasure/desire to look, as an erotic “driven” [Freud meant produced by his drives] activity. Avant que l’enfant ne soit tombé sous la domination du complexe de…

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What does the woman want ? by Sigmund Freud

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The big question remained unanswered and which myself have never been able to answer despite my thirty years of study of the feminine soul is: “What does the woman want? ” La grande question restée sans réponse et à laquelle moi-même n’ai jamais pu répondre malgré mes trente années d’étude de l’âme féminine est la…

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The look and eyes by Jacques Lacan

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I can feel myself looked by someone I do not even see his eyes, and even appearance. Just something to me means that others may be there. This window, if it is a bit obscure, and if I have reason to believe that there is someone behind is already one looking. From the moment that…

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Dualism and duality for Freud by André Green

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If so Freud insisted on maintaining a dualistic point of view with regard to the theory of drives is because he understood that the duality of departure was necessary for the generation of something else borned from the relationship of the two generic terms.   Si Freud a tellement tenu à maintenir un point de…

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