Sinthome and Mallarmé by Laurie Laufer

04/05/2014 / 0 comments

“It” never talks but from its symptoms. That is the riddle: “There must be something hidden at the bottom of all, I think definitely to something obscure, meaning closed and hidden, who lives in the common,” wrote Mallarmé in The mystery in letters. However, the symptom that has integrated the subject’s answer, and thus gives…

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Melancholy and Truth for Freud by Laurie Laufer

05/04/2014 / 0 comments

For Freud, melancholy is an access path to the truth. Pour Freud, la mélancolie est une voie d’accès à la vérité. Laufer L., préface in Freud S., Deuil et mélancolie,  PBP, Paris, 2011, p.39

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