Foundation of the oscillations of mood is unknown by Sigmund Freud

16/03/2016 / 0 comments

Thus the foundation of these spontaneous oscillations of mood is unknown; we are without insight into the mechanism of the displacement of a melancholia by a mania. La pénétration dans le mécanisme du relais d’une mélancolie par une manie nous fait défaut. English : FREUD S., Group Psychology and the Analysis of Ego (1921), Trad….

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The maniac shoots his own self-ideal by Paul-Laurent Assoun

23/05/2015 / 0 comments

“Self/ego maniac shoots itself with its self/ego ideal.” “Le moi maniac se “shoote” à l’idéal du moi.” ASSOUN P.-L., L’énigme de la manie – La passion du facteur cheval, arkhê, Paris, 2010, p. 46

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