Shame turns the speaking being like a glove, brings out from the bottom of his image his ontological and shameful lining, this nothing, nothing but th(a)t.

La honte retourne l’être parlant comme un gant, fait ressortir du fond de son image sa doublure ontologique et honteuse, ce rien sinon ç(a)

Sorry that we didn’t find the way to translate the equivoqual of “ç(a)” in french. “ç(a)” mixes the lacanian concept of little a object, and the freudian “ça“, classicaly translated by id in english texts.

Bernard David, « De la honte à l’hontologie », Champ lacanien, 2006/2 (N° 4), p. 185-194.
DOI : 10.3917/chla.004.0185.

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