Shame turns the speaking being like a glove, brings out from the bottom of his image his ontological and shameful lining, this nothing, nothing but th(a)t.*

La honte retourne l’être parlant comme un gant, fait ressortir du fond de son image sa doublure ontologique et honteuse, ce rien sinon ç(a).

*Sorry we didn’t find the way to translate the equivoqual of “ç(a)” in french. “ç(a)” mixes the lacanian concept of little a object, and the freudian “ça“, classicaly translated by id in english texts.

David Bernard, « De la honte à l’hontologie », Champ lacanien, 2006/2 (N° 4), p. 185-194.
DOI : 10.3917/chla.004.0185.

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