Freedom needs Faith by Alexis de Tocqueville

20/06/2018 / 0 comments

From my point of view, I doubt that man can ever stand both complete religious independence and complete political freedom; and I am inclined to think that if he does not have faith, he must serve, and if he is free, he must believe. Pour ma part, je doute que l’homme puisse jamais supporter à…

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Election process demonstrates dangers by Alexis de Tocqueville

28/03/2017 / 0 comments

Applied to the head of the executive power, the election process among a great people demonstrates dangers which experience and historians have sufficiently pointed out. ​Le systéme de l’élection,  appliqué au chef du pouvoir exécutif chez un grand peuple,  presente des dangers que l’expérience et lez historiens ont suffisamment signalés.  TOCQUEVILLE A., De la démocratie…

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