Identification to the lost object by Sigmund Freud

09/09/2015 / 0 comments

Then, it [libido] wasn’t used to anything but to create an ego’s identification to the lost object. Là, elle [la libido] n’a pas trouvé n’importe quel emploi, mais a servi à créer une identification du moi avec l’objet perdu. FREUD S., Deuil et mélancolie (1917), PBP, Paris, 2011, p. 56

The Work Of Mourning By Sigmund Freud

21/08/2015 / 0 comments

What is the substance of the work that mourning accomplishes ? I think it may be describe without any exaggeration as follows: the reality’s trial has shown that the loved object no longer exists, and requires the bereaved to withdraw all his libido’s attachements to this object. En quoi consiste donc le travail que le…

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Libido definition by Sigmund Freud

02/05/2014 / 0 comments

We defined libido as a quantitatively variable force able to measure processes and transpositions in the field of sexual excitement. Nous avons défini la libido comme une force quantitativement variable permettant de mesurer les processus et les transpositions dans le domaine de l’excitation sexuelle. FREUD S., « Les aberrations sexuelles » in Trois essais sur…

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