The Equivocal of Solution in Freud’s Dream by Jacques Lacan

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Freud is actually convinced to have proposed the right solution to Irma – Lösung. This word has the same ambiguity in German and French – and means a solution which is injected as well as a problem’s solution. Freud a, en effet, le sentiment d’avoir bien proposé à Irma la bonne solution – Lösung. Ce…

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The dream is a discourse by Jacques Lacan

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The dream’s desire is not assumed by the subject who says : “I” in his own spoken words [parole]. However articulated to the Other’s locus, dream is discourse, discourse whose Freud began to enunciate the grammar. Le désir du rêve n’est pas assumé par le sujet qui dit : « Je » dans sa parole….

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Freud’s dream is addressed to us by Jacques Lacan

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Freud, when he teaches us the secret of this Luciferian mystery, is not alone facing this dream. As the dream is addressed to psychoanalyst during a psychoanalysis, Freud’s dream is already addressed to us. Freud, lorsqu’il nous communique le secret de ce mystère luciférien, n’est pas seul confronté à ce rêve. De même que dans…

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Dream is the fulfilment of a wish by Sigmund Freud

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When the work of interpretation has been completed, we perceive that a dream is the fulfilment of a wish. FREUD S., The Interpretation Of Dreams (1900), Trad. STRACHEY J. (1955), Basic Books, New York, 2010, p. 145 Une fois achevé le travail d’interprétation, le rêve s’avère être un accomplissement de souhait. FREUD S., L’interprétation du…

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Dream may abolish the tragic relationship to the world by Jacques Lacan

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Indeed, this is the end that the dream reaches : the symbolic-system’s starting in its most radical use, absolute, goes to so completely abolish the action of each individual, that it eliminates on the same trick his world’s tragic relationship. C’est en effet à cela qu’aboutit le rêve. L’entrée en fonction du système symbolique dans…

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“To dream” takes the place of the “to act” by Sigmund Freud

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The “to dream” puts itself in the place of the “to act”, as indeed also in life. Le rêver se met à la place de l’agir, comme d’ailleurs aussi dans la vie. FREUD S., L’interprétation du rêve (1900), Trad. Coll., PUF, Paris, 2010, p. 158

Dream teaches where is the unconscious by Jacques Lacan

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So, [the] dream teaches us that – what is at stake in the dream’s function is beyond the ego, what in the subject is from the subject and is not subject’s, this is the unconscious . [Le] rêve nous enseigne donc ceci – ce qui est en jeu dans la fonction du rêve est au-delà…

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The So Little Echo of The Interpretation Of Dreams By Marcel Scheidhauer

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Eighteen months after the publication of the book, Freud complained that no scientific journal and only a few other newspapers had talked about it: “The Science Of Dreams [The Interpretation Of Dreams] was hardly mentioned in psychiatric journals. “Jones noted for his part:”A such important book has rarely generated so little echo. “ Dix-huit mois…

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Symptomatic acts born from repressed desires by Sigmund Freud

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Patients’s associations, daily living’s symptomatic acts, dreams and symptoms-substitutes are expressing unconscious drives and intentions; they are born from repressed desires and complexes. Les associations des patients, les actes symptomatiques de la vie quotidienne, les rêves et les symptômes-substituts expriment des pulsions et des intentions inconscientes ; ils naissent de désirs et de complexes refoulés….

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Doubt over dream’s power by Sigmund Freud

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We are thus left in doubt as to the source which has been drawn upon by the dream and are tempted to believe that dreams have a power of independent production. FREUD S, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899), trans. STRACHEY J. (London, 1953), New York, Basic Books, 2010, p. 45 On reste alors dans le…

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Freud was a medically certified artist by Moustapha Safouan

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Otto Rank read The Interpretation of Dreams before meeting Freud, at twenty-two years old. This reading inspired him a formula he wrote down his youth diary and expresses feelings gave him the author of this magnum opus “A medically certified artist.” Otto Rank a lu L’interprétation des rêves bien avant de rencontrer Freud, à vingt-deux…

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Dream and man are woven from lalangue by Jean Oury

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I like cats, I am still waiting them in vain to talk to me! As they do not talk to me, I can not consider that they have the “desire”, etc.. Anxiety neither! That is quite another thing. That specifies what a man is, as Lacan says, a man is a “parlêtre”. The Zoon Politikon,…

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Dream full of meanings and signifiances by Sigmund Freud

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[…] every dream will reveal itself as a psychological structure, full of significance, and one which may be assigned to a specific place in the psychic activities of the waking state.   […] chaque rêve se revèle être une formation psychique pleine de sens, qui doit être insérée à une place assignable dans le mouvement…

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